Proxa - Reduce 50% Of Your Operating Cost In 3 months By Process Automation

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Our team of skilled Process Automation Specialists and Developers are ready to save your operating cost.

Cut costs by automating the repetitive workflow

Why still repeating the same tasks again and again when you can save time and money by automating the recurring workflow? We help you to cut costs by standardizing your repetitive processes, enhancing accuracy and reducing the burden of repetitive tasks on the employees.

Generate reports easily for progress checking

It is painful to spend a lot of time manually generating lots of reports for your boss and clients. What if we tell you that you can generate those reports with just one click from now on? We can help you to build easy-to-use reporting tools for accurate KPI measures or reporting purposes. 

Approve workflow with just one-click. Anywhere, anytime.

A lot of documents and emails have to be gone through for just one single approval? The workflow management system we custom build for you enables real-time review and approval by routing documents to multiple users. You can review and approve with just one click at the same place.


Proxa provides skilled, on-demand teams of process automation specialists and developers to streamline your business and reduce your operating costs.

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You focus on business, we focus on workflow automation.

Experienced Project Team

A dedicated and scalable team of process automation specialists, project managers, designers and developers.

Business Process Automation

We automate your repetitive business workflow so that your employees can focus on important tasks that improve the business.

Technical Support & Maintenance

With our help, your automated business workflow can operate smoothly day to day without any trouble.

Scalable & Flexible Integrations

We can help to integrate the automated workflow with various system within your company.

Unlimited User License

Yes, there is no more additional charge no matter how many users using the automated business workflow.