HKBU Academy of Music

Hong Kong Baptist University's Academy of Music offers quality education in music and performing arts. They seek a website overhaul for better UX and CMS implementation.


Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Music is a renowned educational institution in Hong Kong, which offers a wide range of programs in music, and other performing arts. It is a part of Hong Kong Baptist University, a publicly-funded tertiary institution that was established in 1956. The Academy of Music is dedicated to providing comprehensive and high-quality education in music, fostering the artistic growth and development of students. By offering a diverse curriculum and fostering a creative environment, the Academy of Music aims to prepare students for successful careers in the fields of music, and other performing arts.


The client requires a comprehensive set of services that include a complete overhaul of their existing website, implementation of a Content Management System (CMS) to streamline content updates and management, and a redesign of the website's visual appearance and layout to enhance user experience and make the website more aesthetically pleasing.

Value Added

The team have successfully completed a series of enhancements for our client's website, in line with their requirements. They has carried out a comprehensive overhaul of the website, ensuring a fresh and modern look while improving overall functionality. To further streamline content updates and management, we have implemented a robust Content Management System (CMS), allowing for greater control and efficiency in maintaining the website. Additionally, we have redesigned the website's visual appearance and layout, focusing on enhancing user experience and creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment for visitors. We are confident that these improvements will significantly contribute to the client's online presence and help them achieve their business goals.

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