HR Workflow Automation

Provide the finest HR experience you can to new hires, prospects, and employees. Proxa makes workflows simpler and relieves teams of tedious duties so they can concentrate on people rather than processes.

Improve employee engagement by being proactive

In order to give your team more time to care for your employee, HR automation relieves them of tedious duties like sending offers, updating personnel information, and transferring data across spreadsheets.

Boost interteam cooperation

While HR workflows are already among the most complex company processes, the advent of distributed team work arrangements has made them even more challenging. Frictions are eliminated by HR automation software to make departments more connected.

Drive corporate strategy using HR information

HR teams need technologies that will enable them to bring data to the leadership table. Proxa enables teams to compile and visualize data in individualized reports and dashboards, making insights and wise decisions just a few clicks away.

Popular Automated Workflows


Recruitment process automation

With Proxa’s Recruitment Process Solution, you can organize and standardize data while maintaining visibility into the entire workflow. You can manage your hiring process, gather candidate data efficiently, and promote communication between your team, supervisors, and new hires.


Employee onboarding

With the help of Proxa’s employee onboarding solution, you can provide new hires a fantastic experience that will boost productivity and retention. Make new team members feel at home in your organization and its culture. Provide them with the resources and knowledge they require while maintaining complete workflow visibility.


Human resources requests

Everything from straightforward requests like reimbursements, PTO, and remote work to more intricate procedures involving employee records and payroll is organized and standardized by Proxa’s Human Resources Requests solution.


Performance evaluation

With Proxa, you can organize and standardize your performance evaluation process. To guarantee that all employees are evaluated using the same standards, this template was developed based on industry best practices.


Medical leave management

The Medical Leave Management solution offers a straightforward workflow for accepting requests and communicating with your staff up until their eventual return to work. To be more effective and provide the assistance your team needs when they are ill, centralize, streamline, and automate HR management.


Employee feedback workflow

You can create a solid and strategic company culture with the aid of the employee feedback workflow solution Use it to create customized forms, standardize your process, and base decisions on data.

Sales & Customer Support Automation

From prospecting to closing and retention, Proxa assists you to manage productive, efficient workflows while ensuring a flawless client experience.

Streamline your workflow

To prevent process failures and guarantee client success, establish explicit guidelines.

Enhance client’s data visibility

Customer onboarding forms can finally be retired. Put all of the data you have on your clients in one place.

Automate client communications

Automated emails, notifications, and more will make life easier for your staff.

Full integrations

To create a fully integrated business, we help to integrate the automated workflows to your ERP, HRIS, CRM, and other existing technologies.

Popular Automated Workflows


Client onboarding

It’s important to have a smooth onboarding experience for your new clients. Gain access to all the resources needed to build a fantastic post-sale experience, boosting client retention and your business’s revenues.


Customer success management

The CS team gets complete visibility of the businesses they oversee as well as any open or ongoing activities they need to complete. Your customers are handled quickly and efficiently in accordance with your SLAs.


Customer support

Create a clever workflow to assign deadlines and alerts to the Support Team so that no client is left waiting for a response, building trust with your clients.


Lead Generation Form

Through adaptable, simple-to-use forms, this solution helps you dramatically increase lead generation and conversion rates. Take advantage of opportunities, capture real-time data, and create a successful sales funnel.


Sales and Legal Contracts

The burden of managing contracts is lessened by this solution. Use it to determine where the contract stands in the closing process. It provides you with the crucial information that the contractors can rely on and is both effective and intuitive.


Sales & CRM Workflow

Utilize this Sales & CRM Workflow solution to collect data on fresh leads and to get complete pipeline visibility, from lead qualification to closed deals. Don’t miss any sales opportunities by categorizing opportunities and developing a process using centralized data!

Finance Workflow Automation

Gain complete operational visibility to produce better results. We help to automate tasks, expedite communication with suppliers, approvers, and coworkers, and more with the finance workflow automation.

Engage with stakeholders

Establish a unified communication channel for all parties. Automatic status updates are made via email and a customer portal.

Gather data using shearable assets

Avert mistakes in your workflow. Share your company’s portal and online forms with the customer to start the request with all the required details.

Automate and streamline the execution workflow

Engage with suppliers, clients, and coworkers, obtain approvals, and link with your accounting software, such as spreadsheets and ERPs.

Acquire reliable data constantly

With simply customized dashboards, you can manage, evaluate, and improve your figures, from departmental monthly budget to PO cycle time.

Popular Automated Workflows


Expense reimbursement

Use digital and quickly deployable procedures to transform your expense reimbursement process. Gather all requests, bills, receipts, and other paperwork in one location so that the finance team has all they need to start the reimbursement procedure.


Purchase process

With complete visibility and control over purchase requisitions, digitize and automate the purchasing process. Connect various systems, cut costs, and bid farewell to decentralized communication by establishing a standardized, agile, and delay-free approval workflow.


Expense report

Eliminate paper forms from your system. Get speedy approvals from finance managers and automate the sending of receipts and reports to make sure no information is overlooked or ignored.


Account payable

The Accounts Payable Process solution from Proxa aids in cost management and efficient operations. Make sure information is delivered in accordance with your SLAs, keep an eye on requests, and track your progress.


Account receivable

Utilize this Accounts Receivable solution to streamline your financial operations. Leave behind lost invoices, switching between old systems, and dealing with fines or delays. Gain complete control over collection efforts, payment verification, and deadlines by operating an error-proof accounts receivable process.


Vendor management

You can manage, oversee, and assess suppliers with the help of Proxa’s vendor management solution. You can be assured when you enter into a supplier relationship because it includes crucial factors to take into account when evaluating vendors.

Compliance Workflow Automation

No matter the industry, the compliance function is in charge of making sure that the company’s policies and procedures are set up to conform with relevant laws and regulations and that they are carried out.

Maintain compliance with automation

For every compliance system, Proxa offers a uniform, secure, auditable workflow. Enforce uniform practices that adhere to the rules and regulations of your department or organization. Automation of compliance workflows has become essential as compliance laws continue to grow in both number and scope. Workflow automation enables you to create compliance workflows that serve as a safety net for your company, regardless of whether you need to adhere to Annex 11, ERES, 21CFR Part 11, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO Standards, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, OCC, internal security protocols, or any other compliance requirements.

Improved communication between legal and the rest of the organization

Legal workflow automation increases the reach of legal departments, enabling for efficient knowledge sharing and the avoidance of expertise silos. Regardless of whether the legal department is available at a given time, legal IT tools make essential assistance and information readily available to the entire business, on-demand anytime it is needed.

Proactive risk management and risk reduction

The legal staff routinely evaluates risks and ensures the security of the firm, which makes it challenging for them to accept significant change. However, more teams are implementing automation solutions as an efficient approach to adapt to these changes and satisfy the needs of the business as a result of the desire for more efficient and adaptable services.

Popular Automated Workflows


Legal intake management tool

The Legal Intake Management Tool serves as a “legal entrance” where self-service and automated intake tools help legal departments provide responsive legal services.


NDA generator

The NDA Generator replaces MS Word-based processes and enables users to self-serve, enabling businesses to write NDAs in a timely, transparent, and compliant manner.


Data breach report generator

The team can easily produce data breach reports thanks to this approach. Our technology facilitates swift, transparent, and legal documentation of data breaches.


ESG report generator

The centralized performance data gathered in native databases is used by the ESG Report Generator to generate an ESG report. It saves a lot of time from data collection, calculation and charts generation.


Employment contract generator

Any type of employment contract can be quickly drafted in accordance with internal best practices and legal requirements. After that, distribute, carry out, and safely preserve the contracts.


Hospitality and gift compliance

The interactive corporate compliance advisor makes it easier for employees to understand the company’s gift and hospitality policies than a static policy document.