Proxa, as an TVP 科技券 service provider, can work together with you to build a MVP (Minimal Viable Product).

A service portal ready for customization

A streamlined portal will make finding self-service tools easier and navigating the interface a breeze. Reduce training time and provide employees with a better experience making requests, submitting forms, and tracking progress. Provide simple and unified employee and customer experiences across platforms and device sizes.

Rapid portal deployment

You may build portals with video, links, buttons, reports, charts, rich text, widgets, and more with our straightforward yet effective dashboard editor’s drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editing capabilities.

Allow external users to access your website

Customers, suppliers, and partners can share information about your product or service, start workflows, and submit requests. You can enable users from outside your company to access your portal via guest accounts or a concurrent user subscription.


Proxa, as an TVP 科技券 service provider, offers competitive package for talents who work in the team.

Create user-friendly, smart, and responsive forms

With full formatting and sophisticated layout capabilities, you can create an infinite number of intelligent, reusable forms that look fantastic and scale correctly on desktop and mobile platforms.

No/low-code, drag and drop design

To help business customers create beautiful forms quickly, our Form Designer has been designed from the ground up. Include line items, complicated form logic, and any other form elements you require.

Include form signature 

You can rapidly automate any business process, from workflows for form approval to incident management, with our form designer. You can also automate the signature workflow in the form.


Proxa, as the 科技券 TVP consultant and service provider, provides a full document list for TVP application.

Utilize workflow management to control the approval process for documents

For many businesses, routing and approval of documents is a pain. The process of routing and tracking document approvals is typically manual and includes a lot of emails, whether it’s for a contract review, project approval, or piece of marketing collateral. With our solution, you can easily create your own unique approval workflows that automate all the tedious procedures of document routing and tracking using a system for document approval with our solution. The finished documents can also be uploaded into your document management system after the procedure is finished. You can begin working on projects sooner and regularly achieve deadlines by optimizing your entire approval process.

Document approval workflow

A customized online form can be used to submit documents for approval together with the necessary data. Routing is based on previously configured predefined rules. Members of the team can communicate, exchange information, and upload documents. Any document management system, including SharePoint, can be used to store the document after it has been authorized.

Integrate document approval workflow with emails

Although forms are the most popular way to submit documents and related information, other channels, including email, can also be used to start document evaluations. For instance, when a document with attachments is sent to a single or group email account, the attachments can be added to a workflow process that is triggered immediately.


You can reach Proxa, the TVP 科技券 service provider at any time convenient.

Worklow performance evaluation

The performance of your automated business processes and workflows must be ensured through reporting. Our reporting solution records all activity in your automated workflow processes and keeps a historical audit trail of it. A safe, relational database houses all of the data. When users require them, reports and dashboards can be distributed on a schedule and seen in real time. To create a holistic image that can be readily shared throughout your organization, use visual reports and dashboards.

Monitoring team progress

Use scoreboards to monitor the overall effectiveness of your operations and to track your team’s progress in relation to Service Level Agreements.


Proxa TVP 科技券 home office

Orchestrate workflow with different existing applications

We are aware that not all of your company’s work is completed through a single application. We can integrate, connect and share with a range of applications to further automate the workflows within your organization.

Boost performance and minimize mistakes

We integrate the automated workflows into your existing tool stack will help you save time and prevent rework. We can connect nearly different applications to ensure seamless data flow.

Increase visibility will improve decision-making

Workflow management for your business can be done with integrations. Integrate with other tools and programs for improved data visibility and insightful information.